Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #5

Last week went great and I switched a few days around but then it was....Friday and things didn't go according to plan. I was able to get back on track Sunday night.

The highlight last week was the sweet potato fries I made from scratch. They were very very good! I'll post it later this week, but I'll let the photo tempt your tummy.

This week I'm still working on seeing the bottom of my freezer....I'm seeing some of it, so that's exciting!
Monday - Spinach and Feta stuffed pasta with farmer sausage and salad - I have everything for this one
Tuesday - Chicken and Veg soup with flax buns - I'll pick the buns up at Ralphs they are super good, I have the rest of everything for the soup
Wednesday - homemade hamburgers on the BBQ on the left over flax buns and sweet potato fries- other than the buns and sweet potatoes, I have everything
Thursday - fancy grilled cheese with tomato soup - I'll pick up the soup at Ralph's. I have the rest
Friday - Honey Garlic meatballs on rice with salad. I didn't make these last week so I'm moving them to this week
Saturday - leftovers or scrambled omelets
Sunday - flax and multi grain pancakes with fruit. I've been making a double batch of these and feeding them as peanut butter and jam pancake sandwiches to my kids for lunches and they love them.
Here it goes for another week. I'm not having any company for dinner this week. We need a low key week as it seems my kids are off schedule from so much company lately and in this house that means unhappy kids and stressed mommy. And again I'm going to try to get to making some bread...fingers crossed on that one!
Best of luck to all the others over at the Organizing Junkie that are busy with their menu plans. Head over there to see more menu plans that you can imagine!
And of course...the kidlets for your enjoyment...a rare moment of actually playing together


  1. I LOVE sweet potato fries dipped in BBQ sauce. We ate them at a BBQ house in Gatlinburg, TN one time on vacation.

  2. I'm coming for dinner. Spinach and Feta Pasta sounds so yummy.

  3. What a wonderful recipe! I would love to have that flax bun recipe! YOur recipes sound so wholsome and delicious!
    It was so nice to find you and to visit!