Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along And Follow Me Back Tuesday

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - May 31

Last week went okay. I changed things up as I had my inlaws over for dinner at the last minute to celebrate my beautiful Sister In Law coming home!
My sister in law is the beauty on the left, the beauty on the right is her good friend and adopted into our family

It's a good thing I post on here what I cook as I can't remember by the time the week is finished!
Monday I was sick so my wonderful hubby made scrambled eggs for us for dinner. No pictures, but it was so nice of him.
Tuesday was Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Wednesday was the Red Lentil Soup

Thursday I made a great big Ham Dinner

Friday we ate out, so sad
Saturday my sister invited us (really I called and said we were coming for dinner) for a wonderful roast dinner - sorry I forgot my camera
Sunday was pancakes of course

On to this week. Here goes, hold onto your hat...

Monday - Saucy meatball and cheesy hashbrowns - I have meatballs in the freezer for this one - with a salad

Tuesday - Ham and Split Pea Soup - using leftover ham from last week - with some buns and cut veg

Wednesday - Chicken Fajitas with some cut veg and fruit

Thursday - Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta - this will be my vegetarian meal of the week served with a garlic bread and salad - I'm excited to try this one!

Friday - Fish of some sort...still hate fish - likely with a salad and rice -maybe something like this

Saturday - leftovers or eggs

Sunday - Pancakes with Fruit - my second attempt to find the perfect Sunday night Pancakes - a version of the link that Kendra at the Meanest Mommy sent me

For more ideas head over to the Organizing Junkie!

On the Search for Family Sunday Night Pancakes

Every Sunday night we do pancakes
I'm out of store bought mix
make my own from scratch you say?
sounds like a good idea
I used a recipe from Tasty Kitchen
however I didn't read the entire recipe before I made them

I added ground milled flax
I wanted to use Whole Wheat flour
I was out
I couldn't figure out why it had lemon juice
I didn't read the directions
I didn't sour the milk

these were ok
a bit spongy
the little man liked them fine

This was attempt #1
we'll see how it goes next Sunday
with attempt #2

Cast girl is making her way around the place
she is amazing

made it outside on her own

my little man loves his 'dirt hole'
it will have sand one day
but for now
he loves it like this

cast girl wore a hole in her jeans
from her new method of getting around
we will have to think of something
or we will go thru a lot of clothes

she also successfully had a bath
I think it took longer to get her ready
then to bath her

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Dinner and Broken Limbs

It's been a few busy days
My beautiful Sister In Law came home
She is attending Parson's in New York

I made a nice big ham dinner for my in laws
on Thursday

The kids always love to see their Grandpa

and of course their wonderful Grandma

Friday it was overcast
and cold
my kids needed fresh air
to the park we went

made sure we had our hoodies zipped
and our heads covered

the slide picture is 5 seconds before girly broke her leg
her big shin bone fractured

her leg got caught
and bent wrong
she is a trooper

she charmed everyone in the ER
4 to 6 weeks with her cast
it took a short time to figure out how to motor around

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Lentil Soup

This package of Red Lentil Soup has been sitting in my cupboard for a few months
It has been on my menu plan many times
I've never get to it
I was determined to make it this week.

The day was rainy
a great day for a good soup
the kids really wanted to play outside
in the rain
who am I to say no

they found a worm
tormented it
I kept hoping
neither of them would pick it up
I'm not into slimy worms
I do alot of things for these two

things I greatly dislike

I was not going to hold this worm

I offered fruit snacks
diversion accepted
worm abandoned
I did not have to touch it

The soup was simple
I followed directions
go figure
first time for everything

I roughly chopped up the ingredients
added the lentil mix

add to food processor
I'm sure you know how this works

add the coconut milk
this increases the fat content like crazy
even if it's labeled 'light'
I served it up with Naan
cut veggies

I'm glad I made this
so it's not in my cupboard anymore
it tasted like dirty water with cinnamon
and little lumps
kids didn't love it
I couldn't even bribe them
I like the Naan Bread
My husband ate two bowls
with excess amounts of salt added
he's good to me
the kids and I had some cheese and crackers after
the little man informed me
the T-REX is a cheese eater
I wasn't aware of this

super excited
this came in the mail today

many good recipes this time
super excited

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

This was not on the menu for today

I was still not feeling super great

therefore easy was the call of the day

Girly and I are on the mend

buy dinner time I was feeling even better

so here goes an easy meal

my husband rated it a 4 out of 5

he doesn't like baked potatoes - meh

Grape Seed Oil (or Extra Virgin Olive Oil - makes no difference)

Broccoli to steam/boil your choice

onions - we like onions

if we all smell like onions who is the wiser

Garlic - YUM

Deli Meat - I used Honey Ham

it was on sale

Cheese - shredded and sour cream

for topping

roughly dice up the onion and garlic

toss in the heated oil and stir it up

tear up your deli meat - toss it in

I used to cut it up but it would all stick together

you should be cooking your broccoli at this point

I heard small footstep coming - hmm a helper

nope girly on the hunt for food

her snack from earlier was to be found

little cheese whiz face reminded me that I forgot to tell you about the potatoes

go figure

wash however many you need for your family

I do them in the microwave

poke them with a knife all over

or else they will explode and ruin your microwave

meh, I don't know that for sure - it's what my mom always told me

so I do it

cook until a fork easily goes in on both sides

so flip them half way

mine cooked for 10 minutes

girly knows we are watching our pennies

she is figuring out the cost of the meal for me

she's a smart one for 15 months

notice the scientific calculator

I'm just sayin - smart

I requested another photo of her doing the calculations

she said no

and threw the calculator down

then she stomped on it


let's get back to dinner

before she decides to throw it at me

throw the cooked broccoli in
mix it up
serve on the baked potatoes

add cheese and sour cream
and anything else you would like
I served it with cut veggies and watermelon

Diva is on the phone
surely complaining about me
I don't have the heart to tell her
it's actually the calculator

sometimes people eat slower than kidlets
I sing sunday school songs to entertain the kidlets
not everyone likes it
the rule at our table
cover your ears
or go to your room
but never tell mommy not to sing

the little man had another motorcycle crash
he had his lid on this time
he was able to walk away from it

the lack of photos of the little man
are due to the fact that he won't look at me when I have the camera
I have to tell him I have candy to get him to look
I don't want to do that to him to much
he might go all Diva on me like his sister