Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the Search for Family Sunday Night Pancakes

Every Sunday night we do pancakes
I'm out of store bought mix
make my own from scratch you say?
sounds like a good idea
I used a recipe from Tasty Kitchen
however I didn't read the entire recipe before I made them

I added ground milled flax
I wanted to use Whole Wheat flour
I was out
I couldn't figure out why it had lemon juice
I didn't read the directions
I didn't sour the milk

these were ok
a bit spongy
the little man liked them fine

This was attempt #1
we'll see how it goes next Sunday
with attempt #2

Cast girl is making her way around the place
she is amazing

made it outside on her own

my little man loves his 'dirt hole'
it will have sand one day
but for now
he loves it like this

cast girl wore a hole in her jeans
from her new method of getting around
we will have to think of something
or we will go thru a lot of clothes

she also successfully had a bath
I think it took longer to get her ready
then to bath her


  1. Have you thought of trying knee pads for your little girl? Like the ones used for roller skating or gardening?

  2. What a trooper Raina is...she looks like a pro with that cast on. Glad she's adjusted so well.