Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$2000 Date Night

We don't often get to go out
without kids
just the two of us

we finally have a sitter
close by
kidlets love her
and so do we

this was a great date night
other than the cost
almost $2000
yes, that is 3 zeros
no, we did not leave the country
we went for dinner and a movie

I got ready
left to pick up our sitter

forgot my camera to document it
but I was just going to pick her up
until on the way home
a large piece of aluminum
punctured my tire
instant flat
but could pull into a church parking lot
5 police cars
no police
called many relatives that lived close by
no one available
my sitter offered to call her dad
I was to embarrassed too
called my sister 20 minutes away
she was on her way
and was going to pick up my hubby
I called my hubby
he told me where the jack was
my sitter called her dad
he wasn't home
I found instructions
started to change the tire
NO ONE stopped to help
I was about half way done
had most of the lug nuts undone
my sitters dad showed up
my sister and 2 of her kids
and my nieces boyfriend showed up
tire was changed and home we went
not so fun with no pictures
sorry about that

hubby and I went for dinner
it was amazing
you must try this place
if you live here
it's new

the food is so good
I wanted to change my order
each time someone's dinner came by
hubby ordered the Kona Burger

amazingly good
our waitress told us they hand make the burger patties
you can taste that
you can choose 2 sides
there are many sides to choose from
seriously check out the size of the burger

this monster rang in at I think $13
worth it
I had wings
they were on special
$1 off so they rang in at $7.99
our waitress told me
they would come with some carrot sticks and celery
I didn't expect carrots and celery grown with steroids
they were huge pieces
the wings were super good
our waitress offered
to help me customize the BBQ flavor
she was great

this is our new place to go
even with the kids!
if you live in the lower mainland
go and check out Original Joes

After dinner we hit a movie
we were going to see the A-Team
I checked online for the times
they had it listed with the 24 hour clock
it seems I can't tell time
by the 24 hour clock
we missed it
instead we saw
Knight and Day

it was a cute movie
we had our sitter home by 10
we are boring
how did the date cost so much?
we had to get new tires
then hubby wanted new rims also
it was an expensive night
but great to get out with the one you love

Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - June 28

Last week was hit and miss for staying with my Menu Plan
I did make Ground Beef Chimichangas

and the yummy Crispy Indian Yogurt Chicken

Now this week
Monday - I did a roast in the crockpot. Always a hit!

Tuesday - I'm moving the Steak Fajitas from last week to this day. I've had the meat marinating for a few days

Wednesday - Chili from the freezer with some crispy bread and veggies

Thursday - BBQ chicken. Plan and simple, nothing fancy with some BBQ veggies and potatoes

Friday - Left over Roast

Saturday - French Toast with fruit

Sunday - It's my little man's 3rd birthday! I'm having my in laws over for a later lunch and I think I will be doing hamburgers and pasta salad with some fruit on the side
here is cast girl getting ready for the sprinkler - it lasted less than 5 minutes. But she looked pretty cute in her swimsuit

me and my little man

for many many more menu plans check out the Organizing Junkie!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crispy Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken

The little man
gave this meal a thumbs up
or his version of that anyway
he ate more than I did
I was impressed

I used the recipe as a guideline
I needed to use up some plain yogurt
This will be made again

chopped up 5 green onions
4 big cloves of garlic
we love garlic
we all smell
if you read my blog
you know we are good with this

added most of a tub of stirred yogurt
did not add the milk
stirred yogurt is not as thick as greek
just and FYI for ya
added 3 HEAPING teaspoons
Graham Masala
this stuff is yum
mixed it up

Panko crumbs in separate dish

I used chicken breast pieces
not thighs
my helper covered them in the yogurt mix
he informed me that smelled so good
he was going to eat it all
he was almost true to his word

cover in bread crumbs
put them on a cookie cooling rack
on a baking pan
this was to try to ensure
they were not soggy
it sorta worked
put the butter on them
as the recipe called for
but won't do that again
it made that spot soggy
bake at 350 until done
broil at the end to brown the coating

the smell while cooking
sooooo goooood
served with left over pasta salad
mmmm, mmmm
5 out of 5 by my family!

after the beautiful day
it called for ice cream
off to Neufelds we went
thankfully they are very close to us

we love this place
the little man actually asks to go there
if there is anything he wants
and I say we don't have it
he suggests we go to Neufelds
here is girly as she got her ice cream

here is girly almost done
and much dirtier

if you're local
check out Neufelds
they are so great
and have a ton of local produce
along with a huge selection of groceries
it's my main place to shop
I love walking in
welcomed like a good friend
and my kids love it to

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ground Beef Chimichangas

I had spaghetti on the menu for dinner tonight
I changed my mind
I can do this
I'm the one cooking
I was visiting Angel Foods Kitchen
this looked too good
I had to make it

I did change it up
because I can

cut up an onion
3 cloves of garlic
some grape seed oil
sauteed it

cut up a ton of spinach
is really shrinks when it cooks
use a lot
it's good for you

shredded some zucchini
added it
didn't do the peppers
my company doesn't like peppers

add the meat

I decided to add tomatoes
because I could
I would have added black beans
if I had any soaked

add spices
they are good
add to your taste

mix it
cook it
do you need more details?

I did this earlier in the day
let it cool
tried to nap
it didn't happen
get out your wraps
add the meat mix
have your helper add cheese
be sure to grate extra
this helper eats as much as he adds

fold them how you want

April grilled hers
I did mine in the oven
after I added a bit more cheese

I cooked them until it was dinner
they just need to be heated thru
I whipped up a pasta salad
full of veggies
it was good

everyone enjoyed it
it was rated 5 out of 5
Thanks April!!

Today was amazing outside
the kids played nice
for the most part

daddy and girly

mommy and her little man

Cast Girl Update
She can basically run
with her cast on
she has had it for 3 1/2 weeks
goes for x-ray #2 on Friday
x-ray #1 after 2 weeks
didn't show much change
I'm praying she has been healing up
I'm ready to be done with this cast
It doesn't slow her down one bit
she can basically do anything
and she does

Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - June 21

I don't think I'm going to even review last week
I can hardly remember it
we were so busy.
I will however remember the lentil dish I made
it was yummy and very different.

So let us move on
enter the excite of this week
I'm starting it at Tuesday
I'm a rebel like that

Tuesday - easy spaghetti in a meat sauce with bread and salad

Wednesday - Sizzling Fajitas - I'm only going to do the steak for this one with cut veggies

Thursday - My wonderful husband has booked a date for me to go out with his sister for some time out. He will be feeding the kidlets...who knows what...who cares...I'm not to worried

Friday - Crispy Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken with oven fries and cut veggies

Saturday - Creamy Spinach Pasta with Salad

Sunday - Pancakes! Still on the search for a new recipe

So who is going to come for dinner this week?
For more ideas check out the organizing junkie for tons and tons of ideas


I'm not sure where I was last week. The week just went and then we were off camping and I didn't have a spare minute to think about blogging.

I need to clarify - when I say we are camping, you might imagine that we put up a tent, kill our own dinner and cook it over an open fire then eat it with sticks, peeing in the bush using leaves for toilet paper and shivering while we sleep.

Let me correct you, we actually don't camp like that. I call it glamping. We have a pretty nice trailer with heat and air conditioning, a good size fridge, a bathroom with a little shower and each our own bed. We plug in to have power and the kids can watch movies on the laptop. We have a stove and can cook outside on the grill as well.

We have bathrooms close by and a wonderful heated swimming pool as well as many other things at this camp ground. We bought a membership a few years ago to a private camp ground with places all over to camp. My parents are members also and are camped at this one for most of the year.
So don't think we are roughing it, it's really very nice!
This is my parents trailer, they live in it full time and travel or park it for long periods. They love it. So really, it's totally set up and when we camp with them we even have satellite TV.

We have a few glamping trips planned this summer...fingers crossed everyone stays healthy and we make it out for some fun times.
I'm working on my Menu Plan and will be posting it today and I'm also working on a review of a new market that opened up in town this last week. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slow Cooker Lentil and Naan

No pretty picture of the meal
I forgot
We had company for dinner
it throws me off

This was good
everyone liked it
it got 2 votes of 4 out of 5
and 2 votes of 5 out of 5

Slow Cooker Lentils

the ingredients
click on the above link
to see the amounts

the lentils
with 10 cups of water
I forgot the baking soda
I should really read the recipe better

cook for 4 hours

here is what they look like when drained

I added the ingredients
plus extras
diced celery
shredded zucchini
because I could
I didn't have the chili sauce
I added a lot of tabassco
it was good

I also made naan from scratch
it was very very yummy
I didn't remember to take pictures

my kids loved the dessert
a lot

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