Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm not sure where I was last week. The week just went and then we were off camping and I didn't have a spare minute to think about blogging.

I need to clarify - when I say we are camping, you might imagine that we put up a tent, kill our own dinner and cook it over an open fire then eat it with sticks, peeing in the bush using leaves for toilet paper and shivering while we sleep.

Let me correct you, we actually don't camp like that. I call it glamping. We have a pretty nice trailer with heat and air conditioning, a good size fridge, a bathroom with a little shower and each our own bed. We plug in to have power and the kids can watch movies on the laptop. We have a stove and can cook outside on the grill as well.

We have bathrooms close by and a wonderful heated swimming pool as well as many other things at this camp ground. We bought a membership a few years ago to a private camp ground with places all over to camp. My parents are members also and are camped at this one for most of the year.
So don't think we are roughing it, it's really very nice!
This is my parents trailer, they live in it full time and travel or park it for long periods. They love it. So really, it's totally set up and when we camp with them we even have satellite TV.

We have a few glamping trips planned this summer...fingers crossed everyone stays healthy and we make it out for some fun times.
I'm working on my Menu Plan and will be posting it today and I'm also working on a review of a new market that opened up in town this last week. Stay tuned!


  1. Now that's my idea of camping. :)

  2. Nice set up you guys! I'm a little jealous...looks like fun! We were up at Sasquatch Park this weekend, a provincial campground...let's just say there was no heated pool (0;

  3. The days of camping in a tent are over for me. Hubby is almost finished fixing up an old Rv his dad gave him, and we can't wait to go camping in it.

  4. Wow glamping sounds spetacular! I don't think I've EVER "camped" like that before!!