Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - June 21

I don't think I'm going to even review last week
I can hardly remember it
we were so busy.
I will however remember the lentil dish I made
it was yummy and very different.

So let us move on
enter the excite of this week
I'm starting it at Tuesday
I'm a rebel like that

Tuesday - easy spaghetti in a meat sauce with bread and salad

Wednesday - Sizzling Fajitas - I'm only going to do the steak for this one with cut veggies

Thursday - My wonderful husband has booked a date for me to go out with his sister for some time out. He will be feeding the kidlets...who knows what...who cares...I'm not to worried

Friday - Crispy Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken with oven fries and cut veggies

Saturday - Creamy Spinach Pasta with Salad

Sunday - Pancakes! Still on the search for a new recipe

So who is going to come for dinner this week?
For more ideas check out the organizing junkie for tons and tons of ideas

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  1. Awwwww That picture is to sweet! Enjoy that night out!