Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$2000 Date Night

We don't often get to go out
without kids
just the two of us

we finally have a sitter
close by
kidlets love her
and so do we

this was a great date night
other than the cost
almost $2000
yes, that is 3 zeros
no, we did not leave the country
we went for dinner and a movie

I got ready
left to pick up our sitter

forgot my camera to document it
but I was just going to pick her up
until on the way home
a large piece of aluminum
punctured my tire
instant flat
but could pull into a church parking lot
5 police cars
no police
called many relatives that lived close by
no one available
my sitter offered to call her dad
I was to embarrassed too
called my sister 20 minutes away
she was on her way
and was going to pick up my hubby
I called my hubby
he told me where the jack was
my sitter called her dad
he wasn't home
I found instructions
started to change the tire
NO ONE stopped to help
I was about half way done
had most of the lug nuts undone
my sitters dad showed up
my sister and 2 of her kids
and my nieces boyfriend showed up
tire was changed and home we went
not so fun with no pictures
sorry about that

hubby and I went for dinner
it was amazing
you must try this place
if you live here
it's new

the food is so good
I wanted to change my order
each time someone's dinner came by
hubby ordered the Kona Burger

amazingly good
our waitress told us they hand make the burger patties
you can taste that
you can choose 2 sides
there are many sides to choose from
seriously check out the size of the burger

this monster rang in at I think $13
worth it
I had wings
they were on special
$1 off so they rang in at $7.99
our waitress told me
they would come with some carrot sticks and celery
I didn't expect carrots and celery grown with steroids
they were huge pieces
the wings were super good
our waitress offered
to help me customize the BBQ flavor
she was great

this is our new place to go
even with the kids!
if you live in the lower mainland
go and check out Original Joes

After dinner we hit a movie
we were going to see the A-Team
I checked online for the times
they had it listed with the 24 hour clock
it seems I can't tell time
by the 24 hour clock
we missed it
instead we saw
Knight and Day

it was a cute movie
we had our sitter home by 10
we are boring
how did the date cost so much?
we had to get new tires
then hubby wanted new rims also
it was an expensive night
but great to get out with the one you love


  1. Sorry about your tires. But you could have called me! I'm a block away from the Church Of Empty Police Cars. They're renting the parking lot to do training, that's why they're always there. I think that's why they're a bit beat up too. The preschool kids sure thought it was exciting. :) I've heard others rave about Original Joe's too. Must remember to try it out.

  2. Sorry about the unfortunate incident. But, glad you got to spend some time with Phil. :) The food looks amazing. I miss going for wings with you.