Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crispy Indian Spiced Yogurt Chicken

The little man
gave this meal a thumbs up
or his version of that anyway
he ate more than I did
I was impressed

I used the recipe as a guideline
I needed to use up some plain yogurt
This will be made again

chopped up 5 green onions
4 big cloves of garlic
we love garlic
we all smell
if you read my blog
you know we are good with this

added most of a tub of stirred yogurt
did not add the milk
stirred yogurt is not as thick as greek
just and FYI for ya
added 3 HEAPING teaspoons
Graham Masala
this stuff is yum
mixed it up

Panko crumbs in separate dish

I used chicken breast pieces
not thighs
my helper covered them in the yogurt mix
he informed me that smelled so good
he was going to eat it all
he was almost true to his word

cover in bread crumbs
put them on a cookie cooling rack
on a baking pan
this was to try to ensure
they were not soggy
it sorta worked
put the butter on them
as the recipe called for
but won't do that again
it made that spot soggy
bake at 350 until done
broil at the end to brown the coating

the smell while cooking
sooooo goooood
served with left over pasta salad
mmmm, mmmm
5 out of 5 by my family!

after the beautiful day
it called for ice cream
off to Neufelds we went
thankfully they are very close to us

we love this place
the little man actually asks to go there
if there is anything he wants
and I say we don't have it
he suggests we go to Neufelds
here is girly as she got her ice cream

here is girly almost done
and much dirtier

if you're local
check out Neufelds
they are so great
and have a ton of local produce
along with a huge selection of groceries
it's my main place to shop
I love walking in
welcomed like a good friend
and my kids love it to


  1. Even though I can't eat spicy food, this sure sounds good!

    I answered your question about the shortening in the peach cobbler recipe. :)

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  3. I've given you an award, hope you can come by and get it:

  4. I'm definitely going to try yogurt next time I make my chicken. It looks amazing!!