Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Dinner and Broken Limbs

It's been a few busy days
My beautiful Sister In Law came home
She is attending Parson's in New York

I made a nice big ham dinner for my in laws
on Thursday

The kids always love to see their Grandpa

and of course their wonderful Grandma

Friday it was overcast
and cold
my kids needed fresh air
to the park we went

made sure we had our hoodies zipped
and our heads covered

the slide picture is 5 seconds before girly broke her leg
her big shin bone fractured

her leg got caught
and bent wrong
she is a trooper

she charmed everyone in the ER
4 to 6 weeks with her cast
it took a short time to figure out how to motor around


  1. Poor girl! She's going to hate not being able to get in the water now that it's getting nice. I hope she's not in too much pain.

  2. poor raina! i can't beleive it! hope the next 4-6 weeks go well for both of you...and FAST!!!

  3. Oh my, poor little thing!!! What a big cast! Hope it heals up well and fast, and isn't too much of a pain in the neck for you (0: