Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

This was not on the menu for today

I was still not feeling super great

therefore easy was the call of the day

Girly and I are on the mend

buy dinner time I was feeling even better

so here goes an easy meal

my husband rated it a 4 out of 5

he doesn't like baked potatoes - meh

Grape Seed Oil (or Extra Virgin Olive Oil - makes no difference)

Broccoli to steam/boil your choice

onions - we like onions

if we all smell like onions who is the wiser

Garlic - YUM

Deli Meat - I used Honey Ham

it was on sale

Cheese - shredded and sour cream

for topping

roughly dice up the onion and garlic

toss in the heated oil and stir it up

tear up your deli meat - toss it in

I used to cut it up but it would all stick together

you should be cooking your broccoli at this point

I heard small footstep coming - hmm a helper

nope girly on the hunt for food

her snack from earlier was to be found

little cheese whiz face reminded me that I forgot to tell you about the potatoes

go figure

wash however many you need for your family

I do them in the microwave

poke them with a knife all over

or else they will explode and ruin your microwave

meh, I don't know that for sure - it's what my mom always told me

so I do it

cook until a fork easily goes in on both sides

so flip them half way

mine cooked for 10 minutes

girly knows we are watching our pennies

she is figuring out the cost of the meal for me

she's a smart one for 15 months

notice the scientific calculator

I'm just sayin - smart

I requested another photo of her doing the calculations

she said no

and threw the calculator down

then she stomped on it


let's get back to dinner

before she decides to throw it at me

throw the cooked broccoli in
mix it up
serve on the baked potatoes

add cheese and sour cream
and anything else you would like
I served it with cut veggies and watermelon

Diva is on the phone
surely complaining about me
I don't have the heart to tell her
it's actually the calculator

sometimes people eat slower than kidlets
I sing sunday school songs to entertain the kidlets
not everyone likes it
the rule at our table
cover your ears
or go to your room
but never tell mommy not to sing

the little man had another motorcycle crash
he had his lid on this time
he was able to walk away from it

the lack of photos of the little man
are due to the fact that he won't look at me when I have the camera
I have to tell him I have candy to get him to look
I don't want to do that to him to much
he might go all Diva on me like his sister

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  1. Loaded baked potatoes are a great meal to serve, I make them once a month. Loved the stories and pictures with your blog. Feel better soon!