Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I had some fantastic pictures to go with this post...but I deleted them and of course we are done dinner so I'm sorta out of luck and pretty angry at myself!

Pannekoek is a very large thin pancake basically. The dutch serve it filled with most anything from sweet to savory. Cooking it is easy and eating it is even easier!

Here is the *gasp* recipe....yes, an actual recipe that I even followed....for the most part anyway!

One of my bestest girly friends gave me this recipe and gave me the go ahead to post it.....


2 Cups of Flour

2 Cups of Milk

4 large eggs

dash of salt

dash of sugar

I didn't alter this recipe to much. I did 1 cup white and 1 cup whole wheat flour, I added about 1/2 a cup more milk as I found the whole wheat flour made it a bit thicker, and I added some vanilla

So the trick here is you want it runny and you want a big pan with sides. I use a soup ladle and put one ladle full into the pan and turn the move the pan around to ensure that the pannekoek spreads out around the entire pan and you want it THIN....and I mean THIN and the size of the pan. Don't worry if your first few don't look like mine... (the one picture I didn't delete)

This recipe should make about 5 - 6 pannekoek. We in the past have just put jam in them and rolled them up. Tonight we put syrup in them, rolled them up and topped it with strawberries and real whipping cream.....but I deleted the great picture I took. I can eat 1 and maybe a half more, the hubby packs away at least 3. You can put bacon and eggs in it and roll it up...really anything you want. I kept mine in foil to keep it warm and pliable while I was cooking and I generally use 2 pans on the stove to speed up the process.

Once you have your filling, roll it like a cigar and cut into it and enjoy the yummy dutch pancake and pretend you are surrounded by tulips, with the smell of nice strong coffee being brought to your table at the cafe you are at, far far away from here....mmmmm, it's good to day dream....all I smell is a dirty diaper that didn't make it into the garbage can....I guess I should find that and take care of it...*sigh*

And just an FYI..even the whole wheat flour does NOT make this any type of healthy....but at least it makes me think I tried!

So far this week other than switch the night for the pannekoek with the pasta for tomorrow I'm on track with my menu plan...YAY. And considering that my craptacular day on Monday has thrown off my entire week and put me in a poor mood...I'm still sticking to my menu.

Here is a picture to leave you kids after dinner tackling mommy.....I am in this picture...promise....see my arm as I snap the picture....


  1. Hey Tara, Thanks for dropping by. I recognize you. I'll be back.

  2. I've been on here about three or four times and keep getting interrupted by my little ones, so I finally got to finish reading your post. I LOVE pannekoek...I make a very similar recipe. It's my kids favorite. They love to put nutella on it. mmmmm...that's making me hungry. :)