Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yum, Grilled Cheese

I just think grilled cheese with tomato soup is the perfect combination. I grew up on it, as I'm sure a lot of people did. But for some reason I don't think to make it often enough. My husband loves it and the kids don't mind it.

However, I just don't do grilled 'cheese'. I always try to add to it. Always onions, tomatoes, usually ham and two types of cheese (old cheddar and Monterey jack for this one).

I use the silver hills bread that is made from sprouted grain. I just love how it works with the grilled cheese. I butter the outside of the slice, you may think this is too detailed, but I've heard of someone buttering the inside and outside or using mayo instead of butter. I prefer butter, on the grilling side only. I slow cook them in the pan, to make sure all the cheese melts. I've also done them in the oven before and it worked well.

Find a good tomato soup and saltines to go with them and of course, dill pickles is a must with grilled cheese.
Enjoy this cozy meal. It's easy and inexpensive. Use your imagination next time you make it! Everyone will enjoy it!

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  1. We are true grilled cheese and tomato soup fans too. And, my kids love it. I also add tomatoes. :)