Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ham & Cheese Sliders and the Zoo

This is the male ostrich at the Greater Vancouver Zoo....he did not like my little family.

He was protecting his girls eggs.

It was pretty funny, he spent a good few minutes doing this dance for us.

On Monday, it was my first day of being unemployed! It was wonderful, I loved not thinking about having to go into the office.

So we took advantage of the amazing weather and headed to the Greater Vancouver Zoo, it's about 15 minutes from our place so an easy place to visit.

Many of the animals were out and lounging around, we had such a great time.

Here is my favorite in the entire zoo

The kidlets of course love the zoo and the little girly is now figuring out what it's all about and enjoyed it to.

So tonight I was going to make the Taco Soup on my menu plan. I changed my mind..go figure. I did go and buy all the ingredients and in the process of doing that I had to give a menu plan lesson to the border guard at the border crossing as I headed down to the US today. It was an interesting conversation and now a US border guard is educated about Menu Plans!

Ham & Cheese Sliders...YUM! I can't remember where I first heard about these...I think it was over at Angels Food Kitchen, but I'm not totally sure, so if you're reading this and it was you, please correct me and I'll link you up.

But they are so easy and yummy and that fits me right now.

Pick up (or bake if you are up for it) a package of sliders or pan buns. The dozen that are all attached....you know the ones. Cut them thru the middle...mine came cut..easiness people

Put them on parchment paper on a pan

I buttered the bottom half, because I could.

I think a small amount of some dressing might taste good too - next time I'll try that.

My helper, helped me load on turkey salami and some ham

- just to let you know, he dressed himself today

I believe from the dirty clothes laundry basket, don't judge me

he really like his Diego shirt, I thought I had hidden it better.

I'm not sure as daddy was hanging out with him while I was shopping.

Next I added onions.

My helper had left by this time after eating ham and more ham.

We all like onions here, we all eat onions, we all smell like onions after, we are all okay with this

tomatoes....totally good

Sharp Cheese....I shred it because I like it shredded and I think it melts better

I'm often right, just so you know

Put the tops on

Put in the oven at 350.

I'm not sure how long I cooked these for - my mom came into the kitchen and asked what was burning...ahh, ya, I didn't burn them but it was a close call, the bottoms were getting crispy

I served them up with fruit and cut veggies. But a nice tomato soup would have been good to.
These were super easy and super yummy...remember - I'm often right, just sayin

Today it rained, and rained and thundered
My kids still wanted outside and I came home from my running around to my kidlets playing in their pool that seems to have a hole in it - it was full yesterday, today it's a nice big puddle

The girly slipped, face first into the water....she was sad

But they had fun and that's what matters.

I had a warm bath ready for them when they were done


  1. cute post, tara! that's pretty cute, seeing her in a parka in the pool, with such a sad face. and the sliders look so yummy. is there a difference between slider buns and regular dinner buns?

  2. I wish I could take credit for these yummy looking sandwiches, but I can't. :( I will definitely be trying them soon though.