Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I had planned a baked pasta for dinner tonight, but I didn't have a few of the things I needed and didn't want to run out for them. And honestly it was warm today so why run the oven and make extra work for myself?
We had spaghetti, I used the leftover pasta sauce from dinner at my sisters the other night and jazzed it up with onions, mushrooms and shredded carrots.
It was loved by all.

In other news, we added to our family. We have a dog, but she has been causing some issues and I have some angry neighbors. We thought perhaps another dog might help....it hasn't!

The dog on the right is our old dog and the dog on the left is our new dog.
Our old dog is still escaping and has been killing chickens....not good.
Meet Otis, our new puppy, a Mastiff X, he's great and not smart enough to get out of the yard.....I hope!

The kids are really enjoying him too

Nothing has been stopping cast girl

And my man was trying to fix his jeep

It seems that took a lot out of him

Tomorrow for dinner is Soup....no idea what yet.

I'll be lurking around the net tonight to find a Soup for dinner tomorrow


  1. Spaghetti looks delicious!! You are brave...getting another dog...hope it all works out. :)

  2. I saw on the Dog Whisperer that "walking" is a form of "hunting" for dogs. So I was wondering have you tried taking your "old dog" for hour long run/walk daily...If you have bikes, you all could go for family bike rides with the dog. A safe place would probably be along the dyke... Just an idea.

    P.s. you went to Camp Luther as a kid? haha I don't remember you there, and I'm sure we went there together at one point.