Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abundant Acre Family Farm Review

I am SO excited to be able to finally tell you about the Abundant Acre Family Farm.
I have been slowly trying to buy more local produce when I can and shop more local
This is why I love shopping at Neufelds and other local places that support local
It has so many benefits
Don't get me wrong
I'm not hardcore
but I try to do my part
so when I heard about the Abundant Acre Family Farm
I was beyond excited
with two small children
and trying to overcome post partum depression
the thought of gardening was not on my agenda
in fact I made a promise to myself to not even bother with anything like that
I did buy two hanging baskets and they have now found a home at my parents
they were not doing well here
Let me show you what I got today
it's beautiful

you MUST go to their website
and read about what they are doing
and drool over the pictures
of all the amazing veggies
that will make it to my table

Andy and Cara who are the brains behind
Abundant Acre Family Farm
plan to run garden boxes
for 9 months of the year
the weather here has not been great so far this summer
so the veggies are a bit behind schedule
I can't wait to try my hand at cooking seasonally
to use vegetable I normally wouldn't think to pick up
like the Swiss chard I received today
I can't wait to find a recipe to use it in
my kids loved the veggies
and ate a fair amount
before I could get them ready to go with dinner

I LOVE that they grow
everything organically
and are so hands on
I LOVE knowing that
it's local
and didn't contribute
more pollution to transport
from some far away place
I can't even explain how yummy
the carrots and peas are
maybe this will help

I didn't even peel the carrots
they were so beautiful
I gave them a good scrub
before my little man ate them all
he ate two entire carrots
before I was able to get any on the table for dinner
we had left overs from Monday

but I threw some FRESH parsley
FRESH as in likely picked this morning

into the gravy

we started with the small garden box
but we might have to upgrade soon

I encourage you to check out
in your community things like this
not only do you support your community
but the actually families in it
go to your farmers market
'tis the season
ask around
get to know your local farmers
you just never know what you will discover
and you will get to know people
you live in the same city with


  1. Isn't it awesome to see our children devour fresh veggies like that? They have a local farmers market every Tuesday in the town next to me, and I never seem to make it there because I usually do my shopping on Friday or Monday. I really need to try though.

  2. I have an award for you! :)

  3. I LOVE fresh veggies. I never use frozen, but we have the advantage of having a year round market open 7 days a week only 5 minutes from where we live. It's such a blessing.