Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gift Giving

I struggle with buying gifts
I'm not a shopper
I strongly dislike trying to decide what to get
I think giving cash or gift cards
is a cop out

I have ended up giving
cash and gift cards
that is if I remember to get them at all
I'm terrible
I'm a few gifts behind for birthdays
I carry a lot of guilt over this

I also think in our society
we have too much
I don't NEED anything
I find most anything I want to get
for someone else
they generally already have it
I also worry if they will like it or not
I would prefer to not
buy or get gifts

In saying these negative things
about gift buying and giving
I'm actually 3/4 done
my CHRISTMAS shopping
I decided this year
I was going to buy things
that were not only gifts to my people
but they benefited others as well

Love Guatemala
they have items they are selling
from Guatemala
some beautiful handmade items
when you buy there things
you are also supporting their ministry
these are gifts I can feel good about giving
the pictures I posted here
are just a sample of what they have
if you are interested in buying or checking out
what they have available you can contact
Love Guatemala
Let me just tell you
the will have nothing better

Other than gift shopping
my little girly was helping me cook today
or rather she was taste testing
and my food was good
according to the girly anyway

my little man was getting lessons
on building airplanes
by his dad
it was so sweet to watch

this week has been tough
kids are fighting
and seem to not have listening skills
it's emotionally draining
I remind myself that this
is normal
my kids are not extra good
at being bad
I've been praying a lot
as I'm sure you can imagine
let me just say
if you are a mother of more than 2 kids
you are my hero

Have a great Wednesday night all!

1 comment:

  1. I love the gift idea and will try to do that for some of my gifts this year as well!
    As a mom, I feel your pain over watching the kids fight and bicker. All we want is to see them love one another! Trust me when I say that in a lot of ways that part gets easier! Will say an extra prayer for you today!