Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Away in Review #1

Adams Lake
We had a wonderful time
a rainy canoe trip
no pictures of that

a hike down
to the river

to see the largest salmon run
in 100 years

my little man
really enjoyed hiking

girly had an easy ride

I'm sure you might
be more interested
in the cuisine
as I boasted we
would be eating Vegan
for the most part

we were served
2 choices of amazing
one vegetarian
meaning it had cheese on it

and one vegan
with a cashew type topping

both had tofu
both were fantastic
so yummy

we also had Greek salad
so rather then feta cheese
we had marinated tofu
we all like tofu
my little man loves tofu
this was a very good meal

I will keep you waiting
for a review of our
thanksgiving meal
vegan style
until then
here are a few more
pictures for your viewing enjoyment

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