Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, you like my Dog's Coat...Why Thanks

I've always said
a dog is fine outside
I've always thought that
but I've not had
a dog with this short hair

I still think a dog
belongs outside
but we have a dog
that is not made
for our cold climate

Chance now spends time
in our kitchen
he has been great about it
he is not a fan
of his coat
he was pouting

But he is warm
and not in the cold
and the wind
as soon as it warms up
out he goes....


  1. that's an interesting idea! using a vest as a dog's coat. I wonder if I can find me a kids sized vest at the dollar store for panda :) Panda wears a tshirt in the house...but when she is waiting in the car she is bundled up in a tshirt, fleece and sometimes even a waterproof coat. She is tiny and I keep her hair short, so 3 layers it is! hehe

  2. Cute jacket...hope he gets used to it. :)