Thursday, December 23, 2010

BBQ Steak and Potatoes in December

What is better than
BBQ in December?
This steak was fantastic
and BBQ Potatoes
always good

I cut them up
with onions
well, I only had
1/4 of an onion today
I'm running low on veggies
and need to make
a run to Neufelds tomorrow

then I lay out
two pieces of aluminum foil
shinny side in
I double it because
if I don't
it always seems
to get a hole in it
I then liberally
add chunks of butter
and some seasoning salt

the steak
oh my
make sure it's
room temperature
I added steak seasoning
then threw it on the BBQ
and left it alone
once the steak
no longer sticks to the grill
it's time to turn it over
don't mess with steak
don't stab it with a fork
use tongs, be nice
don't flip it more than once
my list of rules is long
but you will thank me
and it's worth it to
buy a good cut
so now that I'm done my speech
when it's the desired doneness
remove it
and let it sit for a bit
before you cut into it

complete goodness
the entire family
ate dinner
without anyone
being in a time out
Praise the Lord

girly may not
have eaten much
but she ate
and sat
for dinner
this is good
we were all in shock

I know
her pigtails are super cute
they involve lots
of screaming
and crying
I tell her
vanity is pain

of course
our dinner conversation
was centered
around dinosaurs
little man
is very intent
he likes his dinos

it's always good

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