Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tree

I was really hoping
I had my fingers crossed
I kept my mouth shut
I didn't encourage
I thought I could
get away with it
for one more year
I lost
The tree is up
not decorated yet
but up
the kids won

we started the afternoon
at the Apple Barn
for a ride in the tractor carts

what kid doesn't love
any type of farm vehicle ride
mine love them all

it was a nice short ride
with numerous cute
Christmas blow ups
and lighted trees

we pulled up to
'santa's workshop'
one little boy in our group
was yelling
'this is the real north pole'
he was so excited
there was a nice trail
thru 'the north pole'

they had cookies to decorate
and a play area
with a nice train set
a warm fire place
and hot apple cider
for the adults

after the ride back
we visited the bunny barn
and then headed home
to put up the Christmas tree
the kidlets were pretty excited
I'm excited for a fake prelit tree
that is easy to set up

after it was up
the kids decided
it was time to sing
jingle bells
so they rocked it
out around the
Christmas Tree

girly decided to
start decorating

after the tree was up
we decided that
mommy and daddy
were too tired
to deal with decorating
so we had some yummy dinner
california rolls
avocado rolls
the kids love them
my little man
eats a lot
he loves it

they jury is still out
on if decorations
will be put on the tree
as the mommy who has
to clean it up
I'm voting no decorations


  1. have you not done a tree in other years? I kept mine up with just the decorations for quite a while into January a few years back. It was so pretty. Go for no decorations!

  2. You can do it Tara! I don't even have a tree yet either. Wish I could go to the Apple Barn - that's looks cool!

  3. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! I got around about half of my tree decorating by using a pre-lit tree. Just stay away from the tinsel, that stuff takes forever to clean up. Your vacuum doesn't like it either. lol

  4. Great post!!! I love decorating my tree but dread cleaning everything up after Christmas is over. Beautiful pictures of your kids...they are adorable...can't wait to meet them some day. :)

  5. i wish my kids would love sushi :)
    so you don't want to set up a tree? or is it the mess of a real one?