Saturday, January 22, 2011

Curry Chicken Stirfy

My kids are not
big fans of curry
so I'm trying to scale back
my husband and I
really enjoy curry
so we are going back to mild
rather then just
going full force into flavour

Curry Chicken Stirfry

2 - 3 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 tblsp grape seed oil
1 tblsp mild curry powder
salt and pepper
one cut onion
an assortment of sliced
colorful veggies
1 can of light coconut milk
1-2 tblsp mild curry powder
2 tblsp lime juice
salt and pepper...again

heat the oil in the pan
add the cut chicken
add 1 tblsp mild curry powder
add salt and pepper
cook until chicken
is no longer pink

cut up the veggies
make it beautiful
the colors are wonderful
and it's all very tasty

have your helper
add the veggies
cross your fingers
that not too many land on the floor

let the veggies cook
just for a little bit
then add the coconut milk
curry powder
lime juice
salt and pepper

it was at this point
I realized my can opener
was in 2 pieces
this was not a good thing
I attempted to fix it
it didn't work
I had to cross my fingers
and find my old rusted
can opener in the back of a drawer

your helper might
want to help here too

let this cook
and come to a boil
the sauce will thicken
just a bit

we had this on brown rice
with a salad
it was really very good

both kids loved it
in fact
girly wanted to eat it
right from the pan

I will make this again
but coconut milk
is so high in fat
I will try it with
chicken stock
and see how it goes

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  1. yum! that looks so good...i might have to try it out:)