Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extending your Meals

It would seem
this passes
for entertainment
in our house
even worthy
of sitting
with popcorn
to watch

I've mentioned
a few times
how I extend a meal
to freeze for a later day
or to gift to a family
I feel it's important
to plan some meals
that are easy to do this with
I made a meal
that will feed my family
and two others

I enjoy cooking
I do well at cooking
so this is something
I can use to help others
I save the unique meals
for my family
for my freezer meals
they tend to be
a bit more traditional

Do you enjoy cooking
maybe you could
bless a family
in your community
I find if you ask
they will say "no"
so rather
I ask what day
would be a good day
for me to bring
a meal

What do you enjoy doing
that you could use to
bless a family?


  1. i love that you have something you LOVE to do. Still trying to sort out what that is for me. I know it's not cooking! But your blog is such an inspiration. What is that freezer meal you made? Lasagne? I love this pic of Rain. She actually sat still for you, and her hair looks fantastic.

  2. what a great post, and an amazing picture of Rain! love ya,

  3. thanks Ladies! I have the RSL camera, so there was a few and this one of her turned out.
    Rach, the mail was just a pasta bake with lots of veggies and on of those large packs of italian sausage (caseing off)and then I added sour cream, cottage cheese, jarred sauce and some pesto.
    super yum! Pasta is always an easy meal to double and freeze.