Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last week
I took the pressure
off myself
with sick kids
why make it harder on myself
I decided dinner was
to be an easy affair
we had this 2x
and I'm okay with that
Toast with Ham, Avocado and Tomato
it's so yummy

the kids are feeling better
it makes me happy

the other night
I found my little man
like this in his bed
after I took this picture
the flash woke him up
and he yelled at me
opps, sorry
but it did make me giggle!

today it was nice
to not have sick kids
we have been stuck at home
for almost 2 weeks
my little man went to preschool again
I did a bit of grocery shopping
and I have to say
I so enjoy shopping
at Neufelds
they are so kind and friendly
they truly put a bit
of light in my day today
thanks ladies!


  1. Yummy sandwiches! Glad you are all feeling better!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! :)