Friday, February 18, 2011

Pita Pizza

I struggle
to come up with
healthy lunch ideas
for my kids
we sometimes have leftovers
but not to often
and I really try
not to use many
prepackaged foods
here is one lunch we enjoy

grab some pita shells
shop us some yummy
colorful veggies

I do buy from costco
premade pesto
I'm happy with the ingredient list
I can pronounce all of them
when basil is more available
I'll try my hand at making my own
until then we enjoy this one
I have used spaghetti sauce
but we really enjoy pesto

then load up your veggies
the more color the better
I also add some
diced up deli ham

add your cheese
as little
or as much
as you desire
any type you have on hand

bake at 350
15 - 20 minutes
then turn it to broil
for about 5 minutes
keep an eye on it
so it's not overdone

we love a thin crust
this comes out nice and crispy
and is super good
the next day cold

I love all your comments
here and on facebook
I would really enjoy
some of your ideas
for easy healthy lunches
I really struggle with it

Between the Lines


  1. MMmmmmm those pizza's look awesome! I love pesto :)
    a recent discovery of love here have been hard-boiled eggs, and then just pieces of lunch - like some cheese, crackers, a piece of fruit and a yogurt or something like that. the kids really like these 'pieces' lunches, so they get a bit of variety. but i hear you on the challenges of lunch!

  2. I love the pita pizza idea too! I wouldn't have thought of that. Lately, Kendra is refusing to eat any bread, toast, bun etc. so this might be an idea to try with her! Otherwise, my lunches are pretty boring and the same pretty much every day - bread/toast, yogurt, fruit, cheese. Kids will eat it so that makes me happy!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following. Great blog! Following back.