Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Veggie Chow Mien - Take 2

I discovered the secret
to a better Chow Mien
a good pan
how easy is that
my previous pan
was stainless steel
and everything would stick

I purchased an inexpensive wok
and it has made all the difference
I added some sesame oil to the hot pan

then I added garlic and onion
along with all my vegetables
I was using this time
you can really use any
kind that you prefer
the more color the better
the pan will be hot
so you will need to keep moving
everything around

I added just a splash of soy sauce
and about 3 tablespoons
of hoisin sauce
there are so many ways
you could go with adding sauce
I just kept it simple

I boiled my noodles
for 3 minutes
rather than the 4 minutes
that the package suggested
this was the perfect
amount of time for the noodles
then drained them
and added them to the veggies

I let the noodles
cook for a few minutes
stirring everything together
I didn't want soggy noodles
like last time
I really think that
the new wok
made all the difference
this was super fantastic

I served this up with
the Honey Garlic Chicken

this dish would work
well with left over meat
of any kind
diced up and added
I really like Chow Mien
next time I will have
to try something new with it

1 comment:

  1. Trying both of these tonight for supper. I'll let you know if they turn out anything like yours look!!