Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Macaroni and Hamburger

My little man

seems to have an opinion

on what he wants

for dinner

I was surprised

he asked for

Macaroni and hamburger

I have never been able

to get my kids to eat


no matter how it's cooked

I roasted some vegetables

cut them in chunks

diced some garlic

tossed it all in grapeseed oil

roast at 350 until

the toughest veggies are tender

while my hamburger was cooking

I got out my add ins

I added the tomatoes

added 5 large spoonfuls of pesto

took my roasted vegetables out

put them on a paper towel

to remove the oil

mixed up to tomatoes and pesto

added some sour cream

I also decided to add

some left over shredded mozzarella

and the last bit of Parmesan cheese

drained the macaroni

put it in the bottom of the casserole dish

added the meat mixture

topped with the roasted vegetables

this was fantastic!

the kids loved it

my little man had two helpings

my big man had 3 helpings

make it

it's very yummy

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