Friday, June 17, 2011

Pull Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork seems to be popular
I'm not a big fan of pork
but I wanted to give it a try
I spoke with my Aunt
at Gelderman Farms
where they raise all natural pigs
and sell the wonderful product

My aunt helped me out
found a nice pork roast
for me to use
gave me many ideas
on how to make pulled pork

In the end
I went with the easy route
but if you feel adventures
search the web
and you will find many
different variations of pulled pork

I started with
smashed garlic cloves

piled a sliced onion
with the garlic
and a bit of water
all in the slow cooker

I cooked this
for about 6 hours on low
then out come the roast
and my wonderful mom
removed any extra fat
that was left on it

use two forks
to pull the meat apart
it will be very tender
and be very easy to shred
I added the BBQ sauce
I had in my fridge
and a bit of the liquid
left in the slowcooker
until it was a consistancy
I thought was good
We piled it on
nice fresh grain buns
and topped it with
some coleslaw

this meal was very good
and very simple
served with a nice salad

my girly
she loves
on the trampoline
even in the rain


  1. It's been awhile since I made pulled pork, I'm going to have to add it to my menu soon.

    Just wanted to drop in and thank you Tara. You were #2 in my top 10 referral sites to my blog last month, and you deserve a big thanks! :)

  2. Hey Tara! The sandwiches look good...and oh my goodness, your little sweetie is SO ADORABLE!! I hope you guys are doing well.