Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Official Cause

So the 'Official' cause of death for Darren is blunt force trauma. So basically the impact killed him. There is no need to share more details then that of the accident. However, the investigation does not show any fault on Darren. The cause and fault lay the driver of the car. It was their error, not Darren's.
Our family are strong believer's in God and we have all certainly been brought closer to each other and to God because of this trauma in our lives. We believe God is amazing and can do amazing things. It's easy to be angry at God for taking Darren. But we know there is a reason. We are just not privy to it at this point. The testimony of Darren's life is pretty amazing to see where he came from, things he did, to who he is today.
Darren always told my sister that he felt he was with God when he was riding his Harley. He would worship and sing to God while he drove and took in the beauty of nature. I asked my sister if I could share part of a vision that was shared with her. She said I could. God provides different gifts to everyone. We all excel at different things in our lives. A friend of my sister's often has visions from God, some people have trouble with this, but I can speak for all of my family when I say we know God can do things we just don't understand and we all feel this is one of them. Even before we read the letter to my sister.
My sister called her close friends to let them know of Darren's death and asked for prayer the day Darren died. At this point we really had no information regarding the accident other than the basics. Darren hit a car that pulled a u-turn and died. The next day my sister's friend was given a vision and I will share just part of this with you. It is really amazing. In the vision Darren is on his Harley driving and Jesus is with him, by the handle bars on the left side, just in front of Darren, basically where he would be holding with his left hand.
The second before impact Jesus grabbed Darren's left hand and pulled his spirit to Him and ascended into heaven (the short version). There is much more to this vision but that is for my sister. I wanted to share this you so you can see how God works.
We had no idea of the details of how Darren hit or what exactly happened. We did find out he broke bones and such, which we basically expected.
Here is how amazing God is. Darren broke his arm and leg on this right side, along with other bones. But Darren's left arm and hand were unbroken. This is the hand and arm that in the vision Jesus used to pull Darren's spirit free. The person who had the vision had no way of knowing any of this information and we didn't know it either until the viewing on Friday.
This speaks to me of how amazing God is and that He was there with Darren. In all this God is with us. The details of the vision are a true testament of God caring for my sister and her family.
You might be saying, ya good for you if you want to believe that, but I don't. Well, I have to say I'm so sorry for you. God is good and He is there for anyone who asks.
Darren used to struggl with believing in God. Darren was at a men's conference and prayed, God if you are real, prove it to me. Make that pastor stop speaking and come and say Hi to me. Right then and there, that pastor stopped and went up to Darren and shook his hand. This is in a large group of people with Darren being in the very back.
God is real and He loves you. It doesn't matter what you have done or if you think you are not good enough. You are amazing and God loves you unconditionally.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this very personal story. God's ways are so mysterious.