Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent Countdown

 We've had a some more fun things going on with our Advent countdown.  
I actually got this idea from Printerest.  
The kids loved it.
I saved some cardboard tubes.  
Filled some paper plates with bird seed.
Attached some string to the cardboard tubes so they could hang from the trees

 We rolled the tubes on the paper plates, making sure they were nice and covered with the bird seed,
then we hung them from a tree out our window so we could watch
today the birds discovered them and enjoyed.
The kids really enjoyed this craft.  
It was a mess to do.
Next time I would use a deep cake pan for the tubes instead of plates
and make sure the tubes stay in the cake pan as you transport them outside.
Even with the mess, this was really very fun to do with the kids.
 Some other things we have done,
ordered a pizza and ate dinner around the Christmas Tree
and we put up some lights on the house.
We don't normally do outdoor lights
but this little string is for the kids to enjoy
and they enjoy it they do!

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