Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Countdown

We have been busy with our Advent countdowns.
We delivered food to the SPCA for the cats,
wrote a thankful list,
went to a magic show, which the kids loved.
 Here the kids are getting ready for another activity.
This day we read the story of the angel visiting Mary.
The kids snuggled down in some blankets, 

we had the Christmas lights plugged in on the tree
the room was dim (I just couldn't figure out how to take the picture to show that)
and we read the story
then sang some Christmas songs
The kids loved it
and we had fun!
To update you on the bird food craft,
I used peanut butter to get the seeds to stick
I forgot to mention that step!

It took the birds a day to figure out they were hanging in the tree
I was nervous how they would stay with the rain we had
but they were fantastic
they held up well
now they are empty so I've just been spreading the seed on our trampoline
we have a number of birds now so I didn't want to disappoint them
I really enjoy watching them each day

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you and your family had lots of fun and good memories leading up to Christmas. That's what gives us the most joy when we look back on Christmas's past, the love we share as a family. :)