Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Advent Countdown

This one was fun, the kids LOVED it.
I wasn't sure how it would go over
before we could find out what
our countdown task was today

we had a little repair work to do
from an over eager girly
who found a pair of scissors

with that done
we discovered our advent countdown task
was to dance around to Christmas music
my ketchup faced boy was excited
I discovered I didn't have any dance worthy Christmas music
so we put in some Santana and had a riot

Not only dancing
but some floor swimming

some flying lifts

 some more crazy dancing with Daddy

 and of course
no dance session is complete
without the floor sweeping part
and Daddy found a way
to sweep with two kids at once

 and here is our left leaning tree
the kids are totally enjoying the tree
and therefore I enjoy it also

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