Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Sparrow's visit

 I've done some research and our little visitor from the other day, as close as I can figure, is some sort of sparrow.  The closest I found was a Gold Crown Sparrow.

 He flew into our front bay window.  I called my husband to come and get him from out of the snow.  
I'm a sucker for any animal, as long as it's not dead...then I don't deal with it.
 We brought him, named 'rumble' by my son, a transformer name FYI, into the house to assess the damage.  I couldn't find anything broken.  
Rumble seemed fine.  
In fact, he sat all cozy on my touque and preened himself.
 Rumble checked us out and preened some more.  
He was so calm.
 Rumble even let my girly pet him and I pet him.  
And all the while he just sat and preened.
Rumble finished his preening and decided to check us out for a bit.  
He looked and looked. 
Not once seeming skittish or scared.  
Just curious.
 I was amazed. 
For many reasons.  
The night before my little man and I had just read a devotion based on Luke 12:7 - Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
We hung a bird feeder outside our kitchen window some weeks ago.  
I love watching the birds.  
The kids and I often talk about all the different birds, many of them sparrows.
I love how God uses unexpected things to show His love for us.
After checking us out, Rumble casually, jumped off the touque and flew to my shoulder where he perched for a minute.  
Again, I was amazed.
Then he decided to fly to the window to go out.  
I picked him up and he sat so nice in my hand and was happy to sit there even as I opened the window to let him fly out.  
He had no intention of leaving.  
He sat for sometime on my hand, observing.  
I brought him back in, stroked him a bit.  
Then figured he was ready.  He had other plans.  He just sat on my fingers.  
Finally a gust of wind knocked him off balance a bit and he decided to head to the safety of the bush.
What a great experience to share with my kids.  
And an amazing experience for me to be reminded how much God loves us.


  1. what an amazing story! you should totally make a picture to hand with that verse and photos of your bird amazing way to instill that truth for your kids and family in the precious gift God shared with you.

    on another note...we presently have a sign on our front door by brooklyn that says 'talking bird wanted' she has been hoping and praying for a talking bird pet...maybe i should start praying that one flies into our window:)

    and another funny note...when i was a kid we had this berry bush in our back yard that made the birds kind of loopey...we often ended up with birds on our porch that flew into the big window because to them in looked like they could fly right through to the other side of the house. then there was the one time that the back sliding door was open and a crow flew right into our house and hit the front big window...that was a shocker! i believe it died and we buried it in the back yard.

    enough stories---thanks for sharing yours tara---i'm going to show it to my kids:)