Friday, January 27, 2012

Tortillas Homemade

We really enjoy Mexican food
the kidlets love beans and rice
and the boy also loves himself a taco

I've been making my own refried beans
and my own mexican rice for sometime now
it is really easy

So I decided to try my hand at homemade tortillas.
I'm addicted to Pinterest
and my homemade tortillas recipe
was found while pinning.
4 ingredients
seriously how simple is that
these were difficult to roll out

but I do think I overworked them
when I made the dough in the morning

the tortillas were a bit thicker then I wanted
they were difficult to roll out by hand
but we actually prefered them over the store bought ones
I used the recipe with all white flour as it was my first time making them

Ursula, our new kitten really wanted in on the dinner

Here you can see my little man as almost cleared his plate
he loved it all

girly, she can not leave Ursula alone
it's a good thing this kitten is patient
she really enjoyed the tortilla
and ended up eating it plain

Dinner was enjoyed by all!