Sunday, March 11, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I have been missing in action, 
but I have had a menu plan.
It went out the window this last week
we were all sick with a terrible cold
so we didn't eat a whole lot.
I have a few crock pot meals this week
to help me until I'm 100% again

Slow Cooker Chicken Rice Soup
I have some Par Baked sprouted Grain bread
cut veggies

Black Bean and Rice Tacos
with these homemade tortillas
served with avocados, lettuce, tomatoes

these are the easiest and so far the best
tortillas I have tried so far

this slow cooker marinara sauce
with spaghetti noodles
Greek Salad

some hearty beef stew
with greek yogurt biscuits
Cut veggies

left overs
Greek Salad

Pizza Bread
with slow cooker marinara sauce for dipping
cut veggies
Source: via Tara on Pinterest

left overs....again

And of course, as always
be sure to head over to
The Organizing Junkie
for more menu planning ideas


  1. Hi Tara! Thanks for dropping by. Your menu sounds delicious this week. I need to try making my own spaghetti sauce. My grocery trips are much preferred alone; however, most of the time I have my 'new' 4 yo on the trip. (I have custody of my nephew). Starting over when I have grown ones that are 25 and 20! Makes for changing up the menu plans too.

  2. That pizza bread looks great! Feel better soon ... we've been sick with sinus stuff this past week ... getting back in the groove at last!