Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why I'm Homeschooling

It has been decided. 
We will be homeschooling.
At least for my boy's kindergarten and we will go from there. 
It was not a decision I made lightly.
When you start having kids, one of the questions I found people asked was where we would send our kids for schooling.  I always assumed we would send our kids to the same private school I attended from grade 1 to 12.  I had a fantastic school experience, really, no complaints.  My husband went to public school and had a terrible experience.  He did not enjoy it at all, so he agreed with me about private school. 
When asked the schooling questions, I always answered private school or maybe I'll homeschool.  Looking back, I think God planted a seed for homeschooling.

A few years ago we visited with my cousin and her husband who are big homeschool advocates.  I learned so much at our coffee date with them, I had a lot of questions and they had a lot of answers.  It left with a lot of information and a good book to read. 
I was ready to enroll my son for kindergarten at the private school.  But it just didn't sit right.  I spent time researching homeschooling.  I met with numerous homeschool parents, read a lot of information and even went on a homeschool field trip. 
When I mentioned to people that I was thinking of homeschooling.  I received many mixed answers.  My family, who knows me well is worried if I can handle it.  I have struggled with depression since my daughter was born and I get overwhelmed very easily by my kids.  I was annoyed and hurt with their response.  However, after praying about it, it actually opened my eyes and helped me to be more patient with me kids.  To recognize when I was getting overwhelmed and rethink the situation or take some quite time for all of us.  It's not always perfect, but really what mom does not get frustrated with their kids.

So I made the jump.  I enrolled my son for homeschool.  I am super excited and super crapping my pants.  But I've always said, it's just kindergarten.  Really, I can't screw that up to bad!  And to be honest, I don't think God would give me this desire if it's not supposed to happen.  And if I find out that really maybe homeschooling isn't for me, at least I tried.  I will not sit and wonder.
We officially start in September.  But we have already started slowly making the transition and my boy loves doing his 'homework'.
The pictures with this post are my son's wee college graduation.  A bible program he attended this year.


  1. Tara, how did I miss this until today! Good for you for following your heart. There are good days and bad days no matter where you educate your kids, and having the confidence that you are doing what God wants you to do is a great place to start. Making friends who share the same life as you is really important - you need people to understand the kind of crazy you are going to go through!

  2. You know this made me smile! I wish we were still just around the corner from each other to be sharing this journey together! :)