Friday, June 22, 2012

A General Update

I know that my blog posts are far and few between.  It's been a tough year.  I've been working hard to keep up on my Menu Plans for the most part.
I really don't want to give apologies.  It is what it is, life is difficult.  I totally love writing.  I miss writing and working on my blog.
Life has been overwhelming.  The changes in our lives since the tragic death of my brother in law have deeply affected us.  My idea of how the accident took place is in my brain like the pictures on the wall in your house.  It's always there.  Grief and sadness are a constant companion.  I've not only lost my brother in law, but really, my sister also.  She is forever changed and finding her way in this mess of a tornado that took what was dear and dropped the rest of her life all over the place.  I deeply miss my friendship with her, I feel like I lost that when Darren died.  I am trying so very hard to understand it all.
I've been working on decreasing my depression medication.  I'm not sure how that's going.  It's been very difficult.  I'm constantly utterly exhausted.  No matter what I try to gain energy, it seems to be out of my grasp.  My emotions are on a fine line.  My motivation to do anything is next to none.  My patience with my children is not at it's finest.  It's a complicated dance to figure out the right dose of medication. 
I've had some other medical issues going on as well.  I finally have some answers and am having surgery in September to hopefully fix the issue.
However along with this sob story of mine; God is constantly showing me His love and His presence in my life.  He is forever good and constant.  He has given me amazing and beautiful children.  A patient and extraordinarily loving husband who goes above and beyond.  God has reminded me time and again to give my energies to my family and He will bless me.  To give my worries and sadness to Him.
We all have difficult seasons.  Mine is no more hard then yours, just different.
This post is not a pity party, just to let you know why my blog posts are sparse.  I'm busy working and learning to create a healthy and loving family.  Expanding my knowledge and love.  I really am hoping to get back to writing.  To share the changes we are making in our family to be happy and healthy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Continuing to pray from you as you come to mind. Hugs to you, my friend.