Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Well, the weather man called for rain.  So we cancelled our camping trip.  Our week went well.  We are spending a ton of time at our garden.  Having dinner a bit early and heading out after dinner, the kids play and we work.  My husband and I are really enjoying our garden and working in it.
On to our menu for this week.....

my husband is off so I hope to be at the garden
for a good chunk of the day with the family
so we will do a freezer Meal
Ham with mashed potatoes

Spaghetti with meat sauce

My boys 5th birthday!
I don't really do parties for the kids
just an extended family dinner
BBQ homemade Burgers
Salad (bought by family)
and I hope to make a 'ninja' cake
we'll see....

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Potatoes

Pay Day = Order In
I think it will be chinese this time
but we'll figure it out the night before
we often order in rather then go out,
it's much easier with the kids
and we find it is often cheaper as well

We are going to visit my folks at the lake
so my dad will likely make dinner for us
I'll bring a salad and snacks

Dutch Pannokoek

As always be sure to check out The Organizing Junkie each Monday morning for a ton more menu planning ideas


  1. Awww Happy early birthday to your son! I bet he'll love a Ninja cake.

  2. I'm stopping by for a visit from Menu Plan Mondays.
    Happy Birthday to your little ones! Time for cake!
    I think gardening is a terrific couple project. My husband and I had alot of fun with our patio garden.
    Don't you love Pinterest? Between MPM and PInterest our meals are never boring.
    Have a wonderful week.