Monday, August 27, 2012

What our first day of Homeschool looked like

People have been asking me why I'm starting early with homeschool.  I have a lot going on the next two months including surgery and a 10 day trip to Mexico.  So I wanted to get started and get some things set.  Not to mention how excited my kids are to get going.  I think I'll take advantage of their excitement while it's there.
I wanted to get going by 9am, with the kids dressed and breakfast in them.  It worked out well considering my girl was up at 5am.  Breakfast was some organic ancient grain pancakes, a favorite of ours.
We started with a series that has come highly recommended.  Five in a Row.  You read one book for the week and it covers Math, Art, Science, Geography and Social Studies.  It's pretty great.  You read the book each day and review one subject.  Today we did math, which consisted of counting a lot of thing in the book.  This week we are doing The Story of Ping.

The kids were excited, but 5 minutes in, they wanted to know when recess and snack time were.  But they seem to really enjoy the story and looking at the pictures to count different things.
Next we did some color recognition and sorting with beads, to help with their fine motor skills.  I then had them string the beads on corresponding pipe cleaners. 

Then we had recess!  I sent the kids outside to play.  I didn't time them.  But they came back in about 20 minutes later wanting more 'school'
My boy sat down to practice number writing and my girl sat down to color.

I would say it was a great first day.  We cleaned up and headed out to the dentist and come home to have cereal.  Yup, that's right, nothing fantastic, just cereal.  They had a great rest of the day.  And in the afternoon they wanted to play volleyball.  Daddy has been teaching them volleyball.  So after dinner it was some volleyball, trampoline time and races.

And yes, my boy is in his underwear, and yes, it's on backwards.  He is fully aware of this.  He likes to see the he wears them backwards.  I don't ask anymore.


  1. How excellent that you documented your first day! (Wish I'd have thought of that!) This will be great memory to look back on - happy schooling!

  2. love it tara! welcome to the world of homeschool...can't wait to steal some of your fun ideas:)

  3. yay mama! We love FIAR, it's such a great way to get started and find out what you love and what works and doesn't work. And we LOVED Ping!

  4. Well done Tara!! I pray that you will have a great year teaching your kids. Sounds like you've got a great attitude and some good support! Looking forward to hearing more! And, love the underwear boy on the trampoline. We have had a lot of that this summer because of potty training #3 - sometimes even minus the underwear!!