Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homemade Crispy Chicken Strips and Sweet Potato Fries

I have mostly been able to stick to my menu plan this week. I changed a few things around to accommodate real life. I've not made the Pizza yet and we had soup leftover from the previous week to finish. But that's the beauty of it, nothing is written in stone!

Tonight I made the chicken strips. I had planned to also make homemade french fries, but when I took my potatoes out of the bucket I saw that a mouse had been in there, so those are not usable anymore in my books. I remembered I had some sweet potato fries in the freezer and used those.

Ashely over that the Happy Little Homemaker asked me if I had a recipe that was a good crispy one. When I saw that I thought, Oh, recipe.....right. I often don't use recipes but make things up as I that's what I did tonight. The chicken strips were super crispy, crunchy and moist! Here is how I did it....and please remember, I have no measurements as I literally just pulled things out of my cupboards and added them...

I first put three dishes beside each other, big enough to dip/roll the chicken you are using in them.

The first dish contains flour, breadcrumbs, cracked black pepper, sea salt and garlic/parsley salt

The second dish is milk and one egg mixed together....I added the egg thinking it might help, I have no idea if it did or not

The third dish is the crunchy coating. For this I used smashed up corn flakes, some more bread crumbs, dried thyme and parm cheese

I turned my oven on to 350 and cleaned and cut the chicken I was using

First put the chicken into the milk mixture drenching it (the middle dish)

then I rolled it in the flour mixture so it was well coated (the first dish)

back into the milk mixture for a roll

into the crunchy coating, making sure it had a lot of coating sticking to it (end dish)

onto a wire rack placed on a baking sheet covered in foil

Repeat until they are all done and look something like this

I baked them for probably about 45 minutes. They are very very yummy! The coating stayed on them even as we were cutting into them.

The wire rack allows them to cook all around without you having to flip them half way thru and running into a possible soggyness situation or sticking issue and the coating coming off.
Try them, they are delish! My husband was very happy as were the kidlets!

The little man enjoyed the chicken and making mustaches out of the sweet potato fries before eating idea where he gets this stuff

And of course the little girly always enjoys her food...all over her, the chair and the floor


  1. The chicken looks amazing...seriously, it looks so delicious...made me crave chicken and it's only 9am. :)

  2. You got this off Rachael Ray didn't you?

  3. NOPE, Little bear is on at that way the little man will let me watch RR....I"m just smart like that ;)