Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #4

Week #4....So I've discovered that I need to plan easier meals for later in the week. I really have a hard time making anything later in the week. I did alright last week, changed a few days around and still did not make that pasta with white sauce. Instead I was so tired that night I threw the leftover ham and gravy in a pot to heat up and served it on warm bread. And we had no left overs for our left over night so we did order in, I was just to lazy to come up with anything.
I am still working on eating out of our freezer. I'm excited to say with the exception of the ham last week I've not bought any meat in the last three weeks! Last week I ran to the grocery store for pie crusts, grapes, strawberries and milk. That was all I bought. Pretty amazing for me!
So my fridge is looking sparse and I'm really looking forward to hitting the produce store tomorrow and I'm going to run down to the US to get my milk and cheese as it's so much cheaper than Canada and it's just as fast for me to go there as the grocery store here, as long as there is no line up at the boarders!
So I'm still wading thru the depths of the freezer and found some food that's in need of here is this weeks menu plan
Monday - Fish and Brown Rice with Salad - I found some fancy tilapia in the freezer I forgot I bought, most likely because I really don't like fish at all, but like to think I'll eat it because it's far that theory doesn't work so well for me.
Tuesday - BBQ'd chicken thighs with brown rice and salad. I have my inlaws coming for dinner this week again. I'll slow BBQ the chicken on indirect heat for about 3 hours. This makes it nice and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I'll most likely do it in sauce of some sort
Wednesday - Honey Garlic Meat Balls with brown rice again and salad. The hubby really likes brown rice and we don't eat a lot of potatoes. I have the meatballs already made and cooked in the freezer. I'll post the recipe I have for this later this week
Thursday - Chicken wings and fries with Salad. I have frozen/flavoured chicken wings from Costco that I just want out of the freezer. I'll make my own fries
Friday - BBQ'd chicken thighs again with BBQ'd potatoes, veggies and salad. These are from the same package as the ones on Monday, it's one of those huge ones from costco that was put in the freezer before I could portion it in smaller meals. So they have to be cooked. I think I'm having company again this night. I'll cook it the same as previous, but with a different sauce
Saturday - leftovers or a meal from the freezer if there are no left overs
Sunday - breakfast for dinner. French toast and sausage with cut up veg and fruit
Pretty easy meals this week!
Best of luck for all those trying to eat out of the pantry and sticking to a menu plan!
For many many more ideas and menu plans check out the organizing junkie!
And of course, just picture of the kiddlets to leave you with....


  1. Ugghhh! I'm jealous that your hubby likes brown rice :( Mine says the texture is weird and won't touch it. Everything looks great though!

  2. I agree with your comment about eating fish. I also really don't like it but I know it is good to eat. If you come up with a good and tasty way to cook it, please let me know. I usually just put butter an lots of lemon and pepper in a pan and fry it up that way. I need to use up with is in my freezer as well!
    Your week looks very yummy -hope its a good one!