Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I refuse to say I make new years resolutions, it only sets me up for failure. Rather I decide to try new things. Something I've been trying to do for some time is Menu plan. I've written many menu plans and followed....maybe one. And it's a wonder why we eat out so much! So with a freezer with to much in it and a determination to pay down some of our line of credit...I'm gonna try again to menu plan and maybe doing here in the open will hold me accountable....maybe not...fingers crossed it will! I'll try to spice up the post next time with pictures or some of the meals or something other than my kids
Read on....

Monday - home made pizza and salad..I work Monday's so I'll be buying the crust this time and not put the extra stress on myself to make the dough after working all day. Lots of veggies on it....and yes spinach will be on it and some meat of some sort

Tuesday - Chicken/broccoli and rice casserole with salad. Tuesdays I try to make a meal with leftovers for my husband who works the next 4 nights on graveyards and likes to eat leftovers, or that's what he tells me anyway!

Wednesday - Soup and buns! I'm hoping Ralph's has kale in and I'm going to make a kale soup with leeks, parsnips, turnips, tomatoes, white beans, onion and farmer sausage from Gelderman farms. If there is no kale I'll just omit that and add spinach

Thursday - Beef Burritos. I'll cook the ground beef with a variety of colored peppers, onions, shredded zucchini, shredded carrots, spinach and taco spices served with soft tortillas and lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream

Friday - a meal from my freezer....not sure what yet, but there are a few to choose from

Saturday - Left overs if there are any, if not I think I'll do stuffed baked potatoes and salad. cook the potatoes in the microwave, in a pan cook cut onion, diced deli ham and steam some broccoli on the side, serve on the potatoes with cheese and sour cream

Sunday - Breakfast for dinner....eggs or french toast, not sure yet

For a whole pile more ideas, head over to the Organizing Junkie and check it out. There are literally hundreds of people posting their menus there!


  1. Good for you Tara! I hope this works for you. Something I should be doing too but haven't ever tried!

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful kids!

  2. well done Tara! I try to menu plan as well - but my meals aren't near as tasty as yours. Tomorrow it's meatball and stompot (carrots and potatoes). :) Mostly because I have carrots and potatoes and a whole lot of ground beef!

  3. I'm giving the menu-planning blog hop a whirl for the first time too this week--good luck to us both =)

  4. Go for it, you CAN do it. If you really like home made pizza crust, I suppose you could, in future, make them on a day when you do have time and freeze them. But if you're not fussed I say go with the convenience, at least on the days you are working.

  5. Great menu plan! I never think of doing stuffed baked potatoes for dinner. I might do that next week!

  6. You are awesome!!! Great menu plan! That's one of my goals this year too!!

  7. I have been menu planning since summer and LOVE it! M. says that I am so much happier, the stress of trying to find supper is gone. I do 2 weeks at a time, one list has my meal plan, and the books to find them in; the other list is my grocery list. We are eating new foods, and eating healthier. I must admit that most of the receipes come from my Kraft Mags. and I always make soup for sat. dinner and sunday lunch. I am loving it!