Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning Eats

The littles usually have oatmeal for the morning eats. I try to feed my kids healthy, but I'm far from perfect and for the last few months we have done way to much eating out. One of the biggest reason is I've not been well (more on that another time) and cooking has not been happening.
One goal the husband and I have for this new year is to stick to a budget and that would include cutting out the eating out. We want to be good stewards of what God has given us and so far we have fallen very short of that. So with much prayer we have decided to make it a big part of the year, sticking to this budget. What does that have to do with my kids eating oatmeal? Nothing really...I sorta went on a tangent there...
So the littles get oatmeal...I often forget to eat or grab something less then ideal.....what ever is laying around and easy to eat. The past few months I've been trying to have smoothies for my morning eats.

The littles love smoothies to. So yes, that is spinach in my smoothie. I'm known to put spinach in most everything I can. We do have green smoothies, this morning however, I put some blueberries in there and just a few change the color, so if your littles are turned off by the green, add just a few blueberries. I would guess my smoothies have mostly spinach with a few fruits thrown in. Really what ever I have on hand.

So here is my morning eats...with some coffee later of course! My attempt to eat better.
What's in the smoothie.....
A bit a milk
some yogurt
apple with the skin
flax seed
spinach and lots of it
a few blueberries....really I think about 10!
a few frozen strawberries
and a bit of ginger for some zing!
I've also been known to add cod liver oil and aloe vera juice
With the littles I added some probiotics for them...
It's such an easy way to get them to eat good stuff and I let the little man help by adding all the stuff to the container and that gets him even more excited to eat something he made!
And just so you are a bit more entertained rather than pictures of what I ate today here are a few of the littles this morning....girly is 10 months today!!

Both in the laundry baskets today....not sure what that is about!

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