Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Hair

I'm not one of the lucky women that gets the beautiful, lush, thick hair during pregnancy. My hair doesn't change; it doesn't get thick and full. However, about 2 months after I have a baby, about half of my hair falls out. After my little girly was born, I again, lost a ton of hair, my hair line actually receded. I have had my hair growing back, and with long hair and now all this regrowth, my hair was not looking great and it was just looking damaged. I took the plunge and I have a fantastic sister who is a hairdresser. So with many many inches cut off and some highlights. Here is my new haircut. I have never ever had it this short! But I LOVE it!

Come back tomorrow for Menu plan Monday!
And I'll be posting pictures soon of our night away!


  1. From the back I would have never thought it was you! You look a lot like Tammy with this haircut! I do like it!


  2. LOVE IT!!!! And I like the tattoo too. :)

  3. Sexy stuff!! Your current hair cut is my goal hair right now. It was getting close but got it cut a bunch before Maui. (I shouln't have. I like yours much better!)

  4. Looks good! I have very thick hair to start, it gets thicker during pregnancy, and this time really didn't fall out much. I'm having my second hair appointment since the boys were born later this month, but I'm going to keep the length and have some serious chopping of my layers!