Friday, February 5, 2010

Chicken Soup

They say Chicken soup is good for the soul.....not so with this one! It was not so good.
I've had a challenging week with my kidlets and put in a call to my sisters today who each gave me some great advice and helped me to feel better about my little kids and that all moms have days/weeks of lots of discipline and more discipline and more uncooperative kids that cause mommy to want to run away, far far away. But I am still at home and I've not packed my bags. Both kidlets are asleep and my prayer is that they stay that way!
Okay, enough complaining about my little miracles.
So this Chicken soup...not so happy about it, but my husband took it for left overs all week, so that was a bonus! I used some chicken that was VERY freezer burnt and crossed my fingers that it would work out okay. It was fine and I'm glad I didn't have to throw that chicken out.
So here is a picture of the ingredients... (minus the chicken as it was cooking)

This is the first time I used a package to help me out. The package only called for cooked chicken to be added and then cook it for 12 minutes before serving.

I added carrots, turnip, onion and celery and then I had to add a lot of seasoning salt, pepper and some regular salt.

I poached the chicken in a shallow pan with a bay leaf (ala Rachel Ray) and then shredded it. I did 4 boneless skinless chicken breast as that was what was in my freezer burnt bag of chicken.

I then chopped the remaining veg and added them with the shredded chicken to 10 cups of water and added the mix closer to the end. I served the soup with the yummy flax buns that I picked up at Ralph's. I would have to say the only thing I really liked was the buns. Next time I'll just make it homemade rather then try to take the easy route.

Even if my kids are trying my sanity level this week (which is in question often anyway, my sanity that is). I remind myself that each and every day these two make me smile and laugh each day. No matter how terrible the day has gone. They are the gifts God has given me even with the dark valley I've been trudging thru for the past few months. God will not give me more than I can handle and that is something I also remind myself each day as I struggle thru my post pardum depression and search for answers. I also remember that God knows the plans he has for me. I know that all sounds pretty church rehearsed, but for me right now, right here, it's what I need to remind myself how to survive.

So here is a picture of my little kidlets who sat somewhat nice beside each other for at least 30 seconds today...long enough for me to get a picture with out one crying anyway!

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  1. thanks for the uplift us by your comments and we cried as well so the kids are ok to do it, we pray for you in a special way and take pleasure knowing God is holding your hand as he walks with you every monent.
    god bless and love ya and miss ya

    mom and dad