Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #6

Last week went well, for meals anyway....for my sanity it was another thing. However, Friday rolled around and well, I need a new plan for Friday's I think. Perhaps I need to do a meal from the freezer.
Monday was the spinach pasta and the sausage, that went well, no pictures as it was a pasta from costco and I didn't think to take pictures
Tuesday was the chicken soup, not a great soup as I noted previously

Wednesday was the amazing yummy homemade hamburgers with homemade sweet potato fries..I'll post the hamburgers this week

Thursday was the fancy grilled cheese and tomato soup

And Friday and Saturday were write offs and Sunday I made pancakes and eggs for dinner. Something my family really enjoys.
SOOO Week #6! I've discovered I have a lot of frozen tortellini for some reason so I'm going to try to use that up

Monday - I have some roast in the freezer so I think I'll do beef dips with salad - I'll pick up the flax buns again from Ralph's and the beef dip mix also

Tuesday - Baked Tortellini with veg and sausage and salad

Wednesday - Roast beef quesadillas- left over roast with veg and homemade guacamole and cucumbers and carrot sticks - I'll have to get the sour cream, avocados and veg

Thursday - Tortellini Alfredo with chicken and peppers, salad and bread - I'll do a homemade sauce and my company is bringing salad and bread. And I'll make an apple crisp

Friday - taco salad - I have the beef and beans already cooked and in the freezer

Saturday - I think we are going out for dinner if we get a sitter or we have my SIL and her hubby and kids coming for dinner so we might order in. Not sure yet we will connect later this week about that

Sunday - Pancakes - I like to do pancakes as I make a large batch and feed my kidlets peanut butter and jam pancake sandwiches during the week and they both love that.

I feel like this is going to go well this week. I don't think anything is to overwhelming but again, I didn't count on my kidlets being so difficult last week either. So fingers crossed and prayers sent up that they have a happy week. Best of luck to all those out there also trying to menu plan and save money! Check out the organizing junkie for tons of menu plans and great ideas


  1. Everything looks great, and the dinosaur really makes the whole picture!!

  2. Those cheeseburgers look AMAZING. And the sweet potato fries. Makes me want to go make some right now! Yum. Have a great week!