Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Friday's

I was over at The Peterson Family Blog and was reading about family Friday's. This week is for Husbands. Of course with Valentines Day this weekend it's hard not to be thinking about my hubby.

I never had a boyfriend, a 'real' boyfriend that is. I was 27 and still single. I was lonely and lonely and oh, lonely. I went on a spiritual retreat thru my church searching and seeking answers of what I was to be doing with my life. I realized God loves me, no matter what. And I felt that I needed to focus on that fact in my life, not negatives. But on God's love for me and to find things that make me happy. I was invited to play a girls volleyball night. I was hooked. I started playing a few nights a week at different places, not just with the girls anymore. I met a ton of new people and was having so much fun being active and getting out. I met my soon to be husband there, we hung out in a group for a year and eventually we started dating. He was not anything that I was expecting in a boyfriend (husband), BUT he IS everything I NEEDED. God totally knew what He was doing. We dated and married in 9 months.

We celebrated our 6th anniversary this last December. I can not believe it's been 6 years. We have 2 amazing gifts given to us from our Creator, a boy and a girl.

When my husband promised in sickness and in health...he has stuck by those words as I've struggled the last few years with being very sick for the entire length of both my pregnancies and struggling with post partum depression now.

My husband has loved me no matter what is happening. We have our struggles and there are many days when we have to choose to love each other. But thru everything God has kept us strong. We both will tell you if it was not for God and our belief that divorce is not an option we don't think we could have survived our marriage the first year.

I have not known a man like my husband. Someone that so willing takes care of me and our kids. He professes his love for me each and everyday. He tells me I'm beautiful each and everyday. He is the best gift God has given me. He is my support and my confident. He holds me when I cry and celebrates with me our victories. He works thru problems with me and helps to find solutions. He knows me like no other and still loves me with all my flaws and issues. He is everything I need and I'm so glad that God answered my prayer in only the God can. I love my husband. What more can I say?

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