Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #7

Number 7 out of goes....

Last week we did alright. I didn't stick to the plan exactly as I had it as life changes. We ate out Friday night and stayed in Saturday so I figure that's a draw.
The beef dips were sooooo good! I have left over beef still and we are doing them again!
Here is the picture before we closed the buns. I'll try to take a better picture this week!

I whipped up these super super easy banana apple muffins one morning and my family consumed them before lunch! I'll be making them again this week to use up a few bananas I need to before they go to bad.

I made this fantastic pasta dish that made enough to freeze half. Yay, love it when that happens! I'll post it later this week but here is a teaser picture

We had hard shell tacos for two dinners this week for both sets of our company and they went over really well. I forgot to take pictures, but they were yummy!
So this week......

Monday - Beef Dips with cut veg - I'll pick up the flax buns and the dip sauce

Tuesday - Freezer Meal - Chicken Tetrazzine with Salad - I have everything for this one

Wednesday - Tuna Melts with cut veg or salad, I love a good tuna melt and I'll use the left over buns from Monday

Thursday - BBQ chicken w/ baked sweet potatoes and salad - I have everything for this one but the sweet potatoes and I'm going to try them right on the BBQ and see how it goes

Friday - Beef Burritos - I'll use taco meet I have in the freezer and I'll pick up some avocados to make some yummy guacamole to go with them I have everything else

Saturday - left overs or scrambled eggs and veg

Sunday - our weekly pancake fix. As I said before I make a double batch and serve my kids pancake sandwiches with PB&J for lunches during the week.

I hope this week goes well, my grocery list is small so that's good. But we are still vehicle shopping so we might be doing some running around and not be home at dinner time. We are leaning towards a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab...we'll see!

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  1. Is that a stone muffin tin?!

  2. I love reading your blog. :) I love your menu ideas...hopefully soon I'll be able to make something yummy for my family...right now, everything makes me nauseas. :(

  3. The days of owning a pickup... I'm nostalgic. Once we learned we would have 4 kids, we knew we had to lose our truck. Sigh, although I do love my Suburban.

    Those beef dips look great!