Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tempt my Tummy Tuesday

Little late with this post today as Tuesday is closer to being over than starting! We were crazy busy running around looking at vehicles today and now both kids are down, hubby is cleaning the kitchen ;) and then he's off to work for the night and I will be sitting down to work before bed. It just doesn't stop.

But I want to share these fantastic muffins I made last week and then again this week! I had some bananas I needed to use up and the recipe my sister gave me just had too much sugar so I headed over to the Tasty Kitchen and found this fantastic Banana Apple Muffin recipe.

I changed a few things of course!

Banana Apple Muffins

2 mashed ripe banana's

1 cut up apple

2 cups flour **I used 1 cup whole wheat and 1 cup white

1/2 cup sugar **I used less then this

1 1/2 cups apple juice

4 teaspoons baking powder **I used short of 3 as I didn't have enough and it was fine

1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon **I didn't measure this, just added

You put everything in a bowl and mix. Put in muffin tins (this made one dozen muffins for me in a pampered chef muffin baking stone) and bake for 35 mins. I had to bake for just over 45 mins.

This first dozen lasted until lunch time......they loved it. (my little man took this picture)

Today I made this again and tripled the recipe as I had 6 bananas to use and I used 2 gala apples and 1 granny smith. It made 5 dozen muffins (various sized muffin tins). I made this, this morning and I think I have 2 dozen left. Hubby has taken 1/2 a dozen to work for his 'snack' tonight.


  1. These sound great! I need to make some more muffins. They are perfect for throwing in with lunches, or sending with the kids for breakfast.

  2. those look as good as they look like they'd taste, thanks for sharing!