Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Peek

So I often wonder what other peoples houses look like and where they live. So I'm going to assume that I am so interesting that you would wonder that about me.....

I actually thought my good friend in Guatemala would be interested in seeing pictures, this is for you Kerry and I hope the rest of you enjoy and leave a link in the comments to show me your world!

So over here on the West Coast of Canada it's been crazy weather, which is unfortunate considering the Winter Olympics are going on an hour away from my house. Today it was 14 Celsius, that would be 57 Fahrenheit. That's crazy for the middle of February! It was wonderfully sunny and warm. We just wore hoodies outside today. Spring has started and the plant nursery's are selling spring blossoms already.
This is the little willow tree beside my front door....ready to go

this is my little home. It's not big at all, but I would rather a large yard then the big house. 3 bedrooms, 2 up one down. We rocked our gardens last summer and I planted wonderful weeping Japanese maples, to only have the dog bite the tops off them, that's what those sticks are on the right of the picture :( And ignore the trim in major need of a paint

This is from my front door looking straight out from it, West, to the raspberry fields. I love the view and the sunset is amazing to watch from the front steps

looking north

looking to the south. At the end of our road is the USA. RIGHT at the end of our road. We've had boarder jumpers before and the cops running around with dogs...entertaining to watch. They always try to hide in the berry fields.

This is part of our backyard.
I love our place. We have a nice big yard and it's totally fenced so I just don't have to stress about the kids running out of the yard.

This is my view if I ever get to actually sit and read the paper and have a coffee. The buoy is from my father in law, he's a tug boat captain and brought it back for my little man. However, the little man is still a bit nervous of it. I however enjoy swinging on it!

There is a small peek into my world! If you want, leave a link in the comments so I can come and check out your world.
Have a great day, I'm looking forward to another day of some wonderful sunshine.


  1. Thank you so much Tara!!! What a beautiful home you have!!! I will post some of my house as soon as I can.

  2. How cool to live on the border...luv your home and beautiful views.