Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tempt my Tummy Tuesday

I'm tired. Very tired. It was a struggle for me to want to make dinner tonight. I had the menu to order Indian in my hand. But God is good and I let Him know I just couldn't do it, I just didn't have the energy to make dinner, to make it thru the evening. In ten minutes I had this amazing surge of energy and I cleaned my kitchen and made dinner. I know it's God's strength that got me thru. It sounds silly, something so small like needing energy to make dinner, why would it matter to God. It matters to Him because He LOVES me and He wants to help me in everything, even the things that seem silly and small. I just need to ask Him. And so do you, just ask Him, He's waiting.

So tonight was....drum roll please....easy peasy....Chicken fajitas (I never know how to spell that!)and I didn't manage to even make anything to go with them.....
But wow, they were good.

I chopped up chicken threw it in the pan with some grapeseed oil (or olive oil) and I added taco seasoning and lemon juice
I chopped up a whole onion, some colorful peppers and added them to the cooked chicken and I cooked them just so there was a little bit of crispness left in them
I shredded some cheese, put out the salsa, the guac, we didn't have sour cream so we used ceaser dressing and that added some good flavour and some fresh cilantro.
Assemble how you please on whole wheat wraps and enjoy them as the juice runs down your hands and you try to make sure the filling doesn't spill out because you filled it too full in the anticipation of the yummyness.
I usually just put the filling on my kidlets plates and they love it. But my little man had other plans...
He did really good with the wraps, I was impressed.
The little girly enjoyed her chicken too, honest. I know it may not seem like it by the look she's giving the camera, but she did

Everyone but the little girly is sporting new dos. This is the shortest for me yet! My little man is rockin the fo-hawk and I once again cleaned up my hubby.

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  1. I understand those evenings when it seems almost impossible to do one more thing! But God's grace is strong even when we aren't. Love the meal He provided!

  2. Looks delicious!!! AND I LOVE your hair!!!!!!

  3. Your meal looks really tasty. God has pulled me through more then a few times myself, all we have to do is ask.